The first documentary evidence for the existence of Leubsdorf goes back to 1250. Older chronicles are to be found under "Lupstorf" around the year 640. During the Thirty Years´ War Leubsdorf was completely destroyed and subsequently rebuilt at the same place. The first chairman of the parish council was mentioned in 1863. In 1906 the still existing church was consecrated; however, already in the 13th century a small church was testified.  

Saint Walburga is the patroness of the parish and the village. The new elementary school was named after her. The first school in Leubsdorf was mentioned in 1729; in 1927 Leubsdorf got a railway station. Today Leubsdorf also has a kindergarten and a public library. Secondary schools are to be found in the neighbouring cities within easy reach.  

Besides the impressive castle with its four corner towers and the well-conserved half-timbered houses many old crosses are evidence of Leubsdorf´s history. Unfortunately, the history of the castle can only be traced back to the 13th century. The love of home to Leubsdorf is shown in the many songs of home - for every special occasion or event there is a special song.  

I would also like to mention the villages Hesseln, Krumscheid and Rothe Kreuz which belong to Leubsdorf and are idyllically situated at the "Rheinhöhenweg", at a distance of approx. 7 km. Despite this distance the community spirit is maintained especially through the various clubs.  

By the way: Isaac Nathan, born in Leubsdorf in 1766, chose the name of his native village in 1846 and named himself Isaac Nathan Leubsdorf. One of his descendants living in the USA, Carl Phillip Leubsdorf, visited Leubsdorf in 1977 and 1982 and has since had an affection toward Leubsdorf.



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