Leubsdorf on the Rhine is a small and romantic wine-village (1500 inhabitants) in the northern Rhineland-Palatinate, situated along the river Rhine. 

From the banks of the Rhine you only can see part of the village; its older part meanders along gentle hillocks up to the near woods.  

Going down the river you will reach, the "colourful town on the Rhine". Opposite Leubsdorf, on the left Rhine side you have a view from Bad Breisig to Remagen as well as on the Ahr valley. Going up the river you will come to Bad Hönningen with its famous mineral water spring. 

Leubsdorf´s most striking points are its gothic church situated on a rock, known as the "White Church on the Rhine", the "Wasserburg" (water castle), with four bay-windows, as well as numerous tenderly conserved half-timbered houses. 

Until some years ago, the slopes of Leubsdorf were cultivated with vines; today only some vineyards are left.

Every year, during the first may weekend parish fair takes place, because the Leubsdorf people like celebrating festivals and singing. Not for nothing, at the entrance to the village you will find a signpost with the inscription "To the merry wine-village".

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