Clubs play an important role in Leubsdorf´s village life. They offer possibilities for leisure-time activities, social contacts or simply for relaxation.  

19 public clubs, numerous private clubs and political associations offer a wide spectrum to indulge in one´s hobbies and to be creative. Soccer, tennis and table tennis practiced in clubs; gymnastics groups, choral societies, music bands, bachelor associations, a riflemen´s club and carnival clubs are some examples of the numerous possibilities of leisure-time activities.  

Besides this, social-minded clubs - a volunteer fire-brigade, a woman´s club and helping neighbours in need etc. are matters-of-factness in Leubsdorf.  

Approx. 2100 members in 19 clubs are evidence of the fact that Leubsdorf is a community of clubs and associations. The community of interests for wine-grower festivals as well as the Sebastianus confraternity are also worth mentioning.  

Numerous festivals and events of the clubs are conducive to the sense of solidarity and conserve traditions. The newly built citizen´s house with all the conveniences desired as well as sports facilities in a scenic landscape really meet everyone´s wishes and expectations.

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